Blitz: The League II Xbox 360 Cheats

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Touchdown Dances:
Do Air Traffic - Input XYXB
Do Back It Up - Input XBYB
Do Ball Spike - Input AAAB
Do Beer Chug - Input AABB
Do Clothesline - Input YAAB
Do CPR - Input YYBB
Do Dance Fever - Input YYYA
Do En Garde - Input BBBX
Do Get Down - Input BABY
Do Golf Putt - Input AXYB
Do Grenade - Input AXBY
Do Gunslinger - Input AABA
Do Hand Exchange - Input BBXA
Do Helmet Fling - Input AXAX
Do Knighted - Input AAYX
Do Knockout - Input XXYY
Do Man Crush - Input XXXY
Do Nut Shot - Input YYBA
Do Pinned - Input YXBA
Do Proposal - Input BXBA
Do Pylon Darts - Input ABAB
Do Pylon Kick - Input BAAB
Do Tango - Input YXAX
Do The Fiddler - Input YXXY
Do The Pooper - Input YXAB

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