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Finish each achievement to get the Gamerscore Points:

Max 1 Track (20 points):
Buy every slot in one of the Plasmid or Tonic tracks.

Max All Tracks (50 points):
Buy every slot in all four Plasmid and Tonic tracks.

Purchased One Slot (5 points):
Buy one slot in any Plasmid or Tonic track.

Weapon Upgrade (5 points):
Get at least one weapon upgrade.

Fully Upgraded Weapon (5 points):
Upgrade one weapon.

2 Fully Upgraded Weapons (5 points):
Upgrade 2 weapons.

Finished Welcome (10 points):
Finish the Welcome To Rapture Level.

4 Upgraded Weapons (10 points):
Upgrade four weapons.

5 Upgraded Weapons (10 points):
Fully upgrade five weapons.

Weapon Expert (20 points):
Get all upgrades for all weapons.

3 Fully Upgraded Weapons (10 points):
Upgrade 3 weapons.

Research Thug Splicer (10 points):
Research the Thuggish Splicer.

Research Gun Splicer (10 points):
Research the Leadhead Splicer.

Researched Spider Splicer (10 points):
Research the Spider Splicer.

Researched Houdini Splicer (10 points):
Research the Houdini Splicer.

Researched Nitro Splicer (10 points):
Research the Nitro Splicer.

Researched Bouncer (10 points):
Research the Bouncer.

Researched Little Sister (10 points):
Research the Little Sister.

Researched Rosie (10 points):
Research the Rosie.

Fruitful Photographer (5 points):
Snap at least one photo in every research group.

Research PhD (20 points):
Max out all possible research.

Quality Research Picture (20 points):
Snap a Research Photo of the highest grade.

Research a Splicer (5 points):
Snap at least one Research Photo of a Splicer.

Crack a Security Bot (10 points):
Crack a security bot.

Crack a Security Camera (10 points):
Crack a security camera.

Successful Hacking (5 points):
Perform at least one successful hack.

Crack a Turret (10 points):
Crack a turret.

Crack a Vending Machine (10 points):
Crack a vending machine.

Cracked a Safe (10 points):
Crack a safe.

Skilled Cracker (40 points):
Finish 50 hacks.

Novice Inventor (5 points):
Create at least one item.

Inventor (10 points):
Create at least 100 items.

Savior (100 points):
Finish the game without harvesting any Little Sisters.

Tonic Collection (50 point):
Acquire or Invent 53 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks.

Bullet Inventor (25 points):
Create all possible ammo types.

History (50 points):
Locate every audio diary.

Good (40 points):
Finish the game on the hardest difficulty setting.

Fortunate Winner (10 points):
Get the jackpot at a slot machine.

Toaster Tub (10 points):
Electrify an enemy in the water.

Beaten Dr. Steinman (15 points):
Player has beaten the crazed Dr. Steinman.

Every Little Sister (40 points):
Harvest or Rescue every Little Sister in the game.

Beaten Peach Wilkins (15 points):
Player has beaten Peach Wilkins.

Ironic (10 points):
Player has taken an image of Sander Cohen's corpse.

Big Father (30 points):

Player has become a Big Father.

Atlas (100):
Player has beaten Atlas.

Beat Andrew Ryan (30 points):
Player has beaten Andrew Ryan.

Finished Cohen's Masterpiece (30 points):
Player has finished Sander Cohen's great masterpiece.

Restored Forest (15 points):
Player has restored the forests of Arcadia.

Located Cohen's Room (10 points):
Player has went into Sander Cohen's personal quarters.

Defeat Fontaine's Mind Control (30 points):
Player has defeated Fontaine's mind control.

Save the game before you begin, and keep reloading the game until you get it.

Locating PTTP Weapon Stations:

Farmer's Market:
Bottom Floor of the Winery Cellar

Cocktail Lounge

Fort Frolic:
Can be found in Eve's Garden

Located across from Gatherer's Garden

Bottom Floor of the freezer

Can be found in Kyburz's Office

Olympus Heights:
Located in Suchongs Apartment

Apollo Square:
Locate in Hestia on the 4th Floor

Pt. Promitheus:
Can be found in PromitheusAtrium

Pt. Promitehus:
Located in Optimized Eugenics

Olympus Heights:
Can be found in Sanders Private Chambers

Located on the farm

Trivial Splicer Slayer:
Utilize Telekinesis on one to throw its body at others around the area.

Get Free Health Packs:
Smash the machines with your wrench.

Station Locations:
Get Apollo Square - Hestia (4th Floor)
Get Arcadia - Tree Farm
Get Farmer's Market - Winery Cellar (Bottom Floor)
Get Fort Frolic - Sinclair's Spirits (Basement)
Get Fort Frolic - Le Marquis D'Epoque
Get Hephaestus - Across from Gatherer's Garden
Get Hephaestus - Kyburz's Office
Get Neptune's Bounty - Freezer (Bottom Floor)
Get Olympus Heights - Fontaine's Apartment (opposite side)
Get Olympus Heights - Sander Cohen's Private Chambers
Get Pt. Prometheus - Atrium
Get Pt. Prometheus - Optimized Eugenics

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