Battlestations: Midway Xbox 360 Cheats

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Gamerscore Points:

Purple Heart - 10:
Acquire the worst Kill/Death ratio.

Veteran Submarine Commander - 50:
Complete all Submarine Challenge missions.

Legion of Merit - 20:
Team kill ratio of 5:1 at the very least.

Bronze Star - 20:
Team kill ratio of 3:1 at the very least.

Artillery Marksmanship - 20:
Get 200 Artillery hits as well as most Artillery hits in mission.

AA Marksmanship - 20:
Get 100 AA hits as well as most AA hits in mission.

Distinguished Service Cross - 30:
Best 50 foe planes and 10 foe ships.

Silver Star - 30:
Best ten foe planes and 5 foe ships.

Distinguished Flying Cross - 50:
Bring down 40 enemy planes and reach at least 5 min plane usage.

Air Medal - 50:
Bring down 20 enemy planes and reach at least 5 min plane usage.

Veteran of Midway - 100:
Complete all Single Player missions.

Fortified Veteran of Midway - 150:
Complete all Single Player missions on the Veteran Difficulty.

Navy Cross - 40:
Best ten enemy ships and get at least 5 min ship usage.

Torpedo Marksmanship - 20:
Get 15 torpedo hits and the most torpedo hits in mission.

Navy Distinguished Service Medal - 40:
Best five enemy ships and reach at least 5 min ship usage.

Veteran Pilot - 50:
Complete all Plane Challenge missions.

Veteran Captain - 50:
Complete all Ship Challenge missions.

Level Select:
Press RB, LB, RT, LT and press the BLUE button when you enter a mission select menu.

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