Astropop Xbox 360 Cheats

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Gamerscore Points:

Star Gazer GSP (25000 pts.):
Get your first promotion.

Puzzle Commander GSP.:
Flawlessly solve ten bonus puzzles.

Interplanetary Hero GSP.:
Release Vixx and Turbot.

GAMMA Survivor GSP.:
Get to the 9-minute zone in Survival mode.

Cosmic Overlord GSP. (12000000 pts.):
Reign as Cosmic Overlord.

Combo Operator GSP.:
Acquire a 17x combo.

Captain Quick Brick GSP.:
Complete a stage in 25 seconds or less.

Brick Grinder GSP.:
Complete 32 levels in a game without utilizing your SUPA Weapon.

Brick Basher GSP.:
Destroy 100,000 bricks.

BETA Survivor GSP.:
Do not die for 5 minutes in Survival mode.

Ace Astropopper GSP.:
Complete the game by finishing level 32 with each pilot.

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