Assault Heroes Xbox 360 Cheats

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Gamerscore Points:

Untouchable - 10:
Finish a zone without dying.

Sharp Shooter - 10:
Do not deplete more than 30% of your ammo.

Lair Slayer - 10:
Finish all underground zones.

Exterminator - 10:
Slay the giant spider.

Annihilator - 10:
Slay more than 85% of the total foes in a zone.

Twin Medal - 20:
Finish a zone in Co-op mode.

Tricked Out - 20:
Maximize all of the vehicle power-ups.

Survivor - 20:
Finish a zone killing 60% of the units while walking.

Speed Freak - 20:
Finish a zone in less than 15 minutes.

Small Arms Expert - 20:
Finish a zone without using nukes or grenades.

Peace Maker - 20:
Finish a zone killing less than 50% of the foes.

Assault Hero - 30:
Finish the entire game.

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