Worms Forts: Under Siege! Xbox Cheats

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Unlock bonus maps:
To unlock new bonus maps, finish the indicated mission and earn gold medal:

Best Defence: Finish mission 17 with a gold medal.
Check Mate: Finish mission 8 with a gold medal.
Construction Junction: Finish mission 6 with a gold medal.
Monkey Troop: Finish mission 5 with a gold medal.
The Blue Dragon: Finish mission 13 with a gold medal.
The Great Wall Brawl: Finish mission 11 with a gold medal.
The Question Of Faith: Finish mission 19 with a gold medal.
The Ship Of Fools: Finish mission 14 with a gold medal.
Tower Of Power: Finish mission 16 with a gold medal.
Under Construction: Finish mission 3 with a gold medal.

Unlock Centurion Helm and flags:
Finish all the tutorials with a gold medal to get access to Centurion Helm and flags.

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