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Character list (500 coins):
Wormenstein: Finish all 10 Deathmatch mission faster than Team17.
Professor: Finish all 25 missions in time bonuses.
Dino: Finish all the non-Deathmatch mission faster than Team17.
Cyborg: Earn all 15 trophies.
Alien: Finish all 25 missions.

Special Head Gear (150 coins):
Note: No need time bonuses

Complete the indicated part of the story:
Hard Hat: Finish missions 1 to 5 (Construction part)
Royal Knight: Finish missions 6 to 10 (Camelot part)
Boggy The Kid: Finish missions 11 to 15 (Wild West part)
Queen Of Sheeba: Finish missions 16 to 20 (Arabia part)
Caveworm: Finish missions 21 to 25 (Prehistoric part)

Hands and Hair, sold separately): Finish all tutorials.

Weapons (150 coins):
Buy the following schemes for 50 or 150 coins at the shop to get new weapons:

Purchase "Holy Grail" scheme: Get The Holy Hand Grenade.
Purchase "Darksider" scheme: Get The Bubble Trouble.
Purchase "It's a Mystery" scheme: Get The Inflatable Scouser.
Purchase "Mega Powers" scheme: Get The Icarus Potion.

Get all weapons + 5 secret weapons, with unlimtied ammo:
Unlock all character sets to unlock the "The Kitchen Sink" weapon scheme.

Earn Trophies:
Complete the following tasks to earn trophies for the trophy cabinet to
get 100 - 500 coins.

Trophies - Tasks:
Weapon Specialist: Get minimum 8000 total damage with the bazooka in the game
The Beast Within: Get 3 kills with one animal weapon (tip: use sheep)
Silver Damage: Get minimum 50000 total damage in the game
Rocketeer: Use minimum 2000 total jet pack fuel in the game
Magic Bullet: Destroy 3 worms with a single shot (tip: use shotgun)
Hot Foot: Hot foot: Dodge minimum 500 mines in the game
Greedy Worm: Collect minimum 500 total crates in the game
Gold Damage: Get minimum 100 000 total damage in the game
Bronze Damage: Get minimum 25 000 total damage in the game
Body Count: Destroy minimum 500 worms total in the game & the multi-player
Barrel Buster: Destroy minimum 500 green barrels total
Animal Lover: Destroy minimum 200 worms with animal weapons (tip: use sheep)
4 Bagger: Destroy 4 worms with a single shot (tip: use the Holy Hand Grenade)
3 Bagger: Destroy 3 worms with a single shot in one turn.
Big Blast: Get 500 damage in a single shot
(get 2 worms with 250 HP each in the water with a shotgun)

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