World Championship Snooker 2004 Xbox Cheats

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Unlockable Gallery Photos:
Win the following championships or tournaments to unlock the following photos in the champs' gallery:

* Win the LG Cup
* Win the British Open
* Win the first One on One
* Win the UK Championship
* Win the Royal Welsh
* Win The Masters
* Win the European Open
* Win the second One on One
* Win The Champion's Cup
* Win the Irish Masters
* Win the third One on One
* Win the Player's Championship
* Win the Nation's Challenge
* Win the World Championship

Unlockable Memorabilia Photos:
Achieve the following using a custom character to unlock all the photos in memorabilia:

* Break over 30
* Break over 50
* Clear the colors
* Win a frame by over 50 points
* Play in The Crucible
* Potted with a plant shot.
* Potting a ball off a break (Snooker)
* Potting two or more reds in a single shot (Snooker)
* Break of over 100
* Totally clear the table
* 147 maximum break

Unlock Joe Davis:
Clear a season in first rank.

Unlock John Virgo:
Clear the whole Snooker Trickshot Challenge.

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