Urban Chaos: Riot Response Xbox Cheats

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Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Y, Down, Up, Y on your controller to
unlock the cheat option. Got to cheat section and enter one of
the following codes:

Code - Effect:
DANCINGFEET - Enable disco mode
BURNERSREVENGE - Enable terror mode
BURNINGBULLET - One hit kills
KEEPYOURHEAD - Without heads
ISEEYOU - Better visibilty in smoke
WHATWASTHAT - Turns on squeaky voices
FRYINGTIME - Long range stungun
MINIFUN -� Minigun
ULTIMATEPOWER - MK3 assault rifle with infinite grenades
KEYTOTHECITY - All levels and emergencies

Unlock Swap Pistol with Mini-gun:
Accumulate 204 medals

Unlock weapons:
Unlock Assault Rifle� 1 - Finish two Emergency Situations
Unlock Assault Rifle� 2 - Finish four Emergency Situations
Unlock Assault Rifle� 3 - Finish six Emergency Situations
Unlock Shotgun� 1 - Finish one Emergency Situation
Unlock Shotgun� 2 - Finish three Emergency Situations
Unlock Shotgun� 3 - Finish five Emergency Situations
Thermal Breather - Finish Webster Street.
Terror Mode and other levels of medals - Finish game in story mode

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