Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict Xbox Cheats

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Unlockable: Characters
* Brock: finish Laurens tournament ladder.
* Devastation: Defeat her in the campaign mode.
* Gorge: finish Malcom's tournament ladder.
* Malcom: Win a match against human opponents in every game type.
* Raiden: finish all of the fifteen challenges in challenge mode to unlock Raiden from Mortal Kombat.
* Selket: successfully finish Ascension Rites.
* Torgr: finish Szalor's Tournament ladder.

Unlockable: Bots:
* Apophis: defeat Ascension Rites, rung 16
* Calypso: defeat Malcom Ladder, rung 5
* Corrosion: defeat Anubis Ladder, rung 2
* Darius: defeat Szalor Ladder, rung 3
* Hyena: defeat Ascension Rites, rung 7
* Jackhammer: defeat Arclite Ladder, rung 5
* Judas: defeat Sapphire Ladder, rung 4
* Korig: defeat Raptor Ladder, rung 3
* Kraag: defeat Lauren Ladder, rung 3
* Memphis: defeat Brock Ladder, rung 5
* Mirage: defeat Sobek Ladder, rung 5
* Nepthys: defeat Gorge Ladder, rung 6
* Syzygy: defeat Devastation Ladder, rung 5

Unlockable: Mutators:
* Adrenaline Jumps: defeat Lauren Rung 2, Selket rung 3
* Announce Power-Ups: Raptor Rung 8
* Double Adrenaline: defeat Anubis rung 7, Gorge Rung 1, Lauren Rung 1, Raiden Rung 1, Raptor Rung 1, Selket Rung 1, Sobek Rung 10, Szalor rung 1
* Friendly Fire Damage: defeat Arclite rung 6, Malfunction challenge, Raptor rung 4, or Sapphire Rung 2
* InstaGib: defeat Ascension Rites rung 7, Sharpshooter challenge, Gorge Rung 9, Sapphire rung 3
* Looting: defeat Arclite Rung 2, Malfuntion Challenge, or Selket Rung 8
* Low Grav/Low Grav All: defeat Devastation Rung 2, Sapphire Rung 5, or Taking Flight Challenge
* No Lock: defeat Graduation Challenge, Lauren Rung 8
* Quad Jump: defeat Ascension Rites rung 8, Arclite Rung 8, or Taking Flight Challenge
* Radioactive: defeat Malfunction Challenge, Gorge Rung 4
* Random Pickup Respawn: defeat Arclite rung 4, Malfuntion Challenge, Devastation Rung 8, or Gorge Rung 8
* Retribution: defeat Brock Rung 9, Graduation Challenge, Malcom Rung 5, Selket Rung 7, or Torgr Rung 8
* Rounds (Best of 3 or 5): defeat Ascension Rites Rung 12, Torgr rung 8
* Vampire: defeat Day of the Vampire challenge
* Volatile: defeat Brock Rung 6, Malfunction Challenge, Sobek Rung 4
* Wall Crawl: defeat Raiden Rung 3
* Weapon Master: defeat Malcom Rung 3

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