True Crime: Streets of LA Xbox Cheats

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Cheat codes:
Go to the map screen and enter the following button combination cheats:
The sound will confirm, if the enetered codes are accepted.

Master cheat - unlock all bonuses: Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, A.
Unlock every upgrades: Press Up, Left, Down, Left, Up, A.
Weapon upgrades: Press Right, Left, Right, Left, A.
Boost: Hold Up and press A, A, A.
Reveal Nick's coordinates: Press A, Circle, Square, Triangle.
Unlock Impound garage cars: Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, A.
Unknow: Press Right, Down, Left, Up, A.
Greater traffic: Press Down, Down, Down, A.
Lesser traffic: Press Up, Up, Up, A.
Unlock unarmed upgrades: Press Up, Down, Up, Down, A.
Unlock driving upgrades: Press Left, Right, Left, Right, A.

Change Nick's Appearance:
When naming your game file put in the following names as licence plate.
Hold L and R when you enter and confirm the name.

Play with a biker - HAWG
Play with a boxer - BRUZ
Play with a butcher - PHAM
Play with a commando - M1K3
Play with a cop - FUZZ
Play with a corpse - J1MM 
Play with a female punk - B00B
Play with a female worker - HARA
Play with a gambler - MRFU
Play with a gangster - TFAN
Play with a hobo - B00Z
Play with a male punk - MNKY
Play with a male worker - HARA
Play with a pimp - P1MP (alternate code - PIMP)
Play with a police officer - FATT
Play with a S&M donkey - JASS
Play with a SWAT officer - 5WAT (alternate code - SWAT)
Play with Ancient Wu's concubine - TATS
Play with Rosie - ROSA
Play with Rosie in lingerie - HURT_M3
Play with the Chief - B1G1

Reveal secret dog bones on map:
Enter "WHUPASS" as a license plate.
Note: Hold L + R while typing the letters and selecting "OK".

Unlock Snoop Dogg as playable character:
Collect 30 bones during game play. The bones are marked in yellow on the map.

Unlock Bonus movie:
Finish the game with all 3 endings.

Enter symbols on license plate:
Hold L + R and tap the D-pad Left or Right to input symbols, while entering
your name on the license plate.

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