True Crime: New York City Xbox Cheats

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Puma Shoes Outfit Collect all 10 pairs of Puma Shoes then visit the Puma Shoe Shop to get the Outfit
Redman Gone Wild Mini-Game Complete the Game 100% and after you get a call from Redman go to his location to unlock this mini-game on the main menu.

Hold down the shoulder buttons while you are on the CompStat/Map screen before pushing the following buttons:
Unlimited Endurance B, X, A, X, A, B
Super Cop Y, A, Y, A, Y, Y
Ultra Easy Mode B, X, A, A, Y, B
Unlock Redman Gone Wild Mini Game Y, A, A, X, A, X
Get a Million Dollars X, X, Y, X, Y, X
Unlimited Ammo B, X, A, X, X, Y
Double Damage A, A, X, A, A, A

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