Tony Hawk's Underground Xbox Cheats

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Cheat: Unlock All Movies:
Enter digivid in the Cheats Menu.

Moon Gravity Code:
Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "noforce" as a code. (An alternate code is "getitup".) You can also get this code if you complete all 129 goals.

Perfect Balance:
Go to the options menu, then go to cheats, and type in "letitslide".

Perfect Manual:
Enter "keepitsteady" on the cheat menu.

T.H.U.G. Music Code:
Enter "holeshot" on the cheats menu.

Unlock Iron Man:

Beat the story mode to unlock Iron Man from Marvel comics.

Unlock Pedestrian Skaters:
Find every Gap in the game (including in the hidden levels).

Unlock Secrets:
If you complete all 129 goals, you will unlock the following:
Cool Specials
Kid Mode
Roller Skates
Always Special
Perfect Skitch
Perfect Manual
Moon Gravity

Unlock T.H.U.D.:
Beat the story mode on sick difficulty to unlock T.H.U.D.

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