Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Xbox Cheats

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Unlockable: Mindy
Input help1nghand in the cheat menu.

Unlockable: Jason Ellis
Input sirius-DJ on the cheat menu to shred as Jason Ellis.

Unlockable: Mat Hofman
Input the_condor on the cheat menu.

Unlockable: Bails N' Burns 1 of 2
Clear Classic mode.

Unlockable: Bails N' Burns 2 of 2
Achieve 100% completed in Story Mode.

Unlockable: Dev-Team Skates
Achieve 100% completed in Classic Mode.

Unlockable: American Wasteland
Clear Story Mode.

Unlockable: Baller
Achieve 100 percent completion in Story mode.

Hint: Marseille Secrets
Go to the middle of the grassy area and locate the smallest tree there. A light post stands near it. Make your skater graze the tree and it will fall onto the wall and reveal a secret area. (Unverified).

Hint: Beverly Hills Record - 10 points:
You must achieve a High Score in Beverly Hills.

Hint: Chicago Record - 10 points
You must achieve a High Score in Chicago.

Hint: Casino Record - 10 points
You must achieve a High Score in Casino.

Easter Egg: Goatse
Ever notice that in every T.H.U.G game there were people messing with goats? In Wasteland you'll find the goat scene in Hollywood. Go to where the skate shop is in Hollywood. Skate up the QP to the left and into the pool. Then grind or grab onto the third rail, going left. Jump onto a little corner and bash the crack wall with your board. You will find the goat on the bed and a oil rig worker.

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