Tomb Raider: Legend Xbox Cheats

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Textureless Mode:
Dont have one clue what this does. But here it is:
To Use: Pull And Hold Left Trigger
Then: LB (Left Button) - A - B - A - Y - Right Trigger

Good Luck :)

Dont forget dont use this unless ure sure u want to. Just incase it manks ure game up!

Infinate Ammo:

Assault Rifle:
To Use: Press And Hold LB (Left Button)
Then: A - B - A - Left Trigger - X - Y

To Use: Press And Hold LB (Left Button)
Then: Right Trigger - B - X - Left Trigger - X - A

To Use: Press And Hold LB (Left Button)
Then: B - Y - Left Trigger - Right Trigger - A - B

These should work. Im pritty certain as i unlocked how to get them on the game. Havent used them myself so let me know how they work out.

Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo:
Hold LB: and press A, B, A, LT, X, Y

Draw Enemy Health:
While holding LT, press: X-B-A-LB-RT-Y

Hold LT: and press A, RT, Y, RT, X, LB

One Shot Kill:
in game, Hold LT then press Y + A + Y +X + LB + B

Wield Excalibur:
Hold LB: and press Y, A, B, RT, Y, LT

Wield Soul Reaver:
Hold LB: and press A, RT, B, RT, LT, X


Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points (1,000 total possible points).

Completed Nepal Time Trial (10 points):
Complete the Nepal level in Time Trial mode.

First off, Asuming u have Just pistols and around 1 - 2 health packs and a decent amount of health already... Ull be ok. If u have just pistols, little health and no packs. Uve got more chance of catching air.

Now thats out of the way. When u start you are inside the church. Go outside and then there is a cut scene where King Fishy pops up. Straight away shoot the nearest bell to him and he will become amazed only for a short time at the bell. When this happens Grappel the lever near the bell and then a small cutscene shows a cage smashing KF in the head and him smashing that bell. Then move to the front left hand side bell. Repeat then move onto the bridge. Now this is where you will loose health alost. Keep dodging his bites and WATCH OUT FOR TOXIC SPIT. That really does damage. Repeat the process for the other 2 bells (Any order, Preferably the one he is closest to) and then he dies. Once dead walk over his corpse onto the ledge then... U go from there.

Lara in bikini:
To unlock the white and black swimsuits for Lara you must complete the game, find all the rewards (including the ones in Croft Manor) then complete the game again under the time trial difficulty. Complete Bolivia Redux in time trial mode. This will allow the use of the "One Shot Kill" cheat which will help significantly. Note: This will also unlock everything else in the game, including the pistol upgrades, another thirty costumes, and the "Wield Excalibur and "Wield Soul Reaver sword" cheats.

Pistol upgrades:
Collect the indicated number of silver and bronze rewards to unlock the corresponding pistol upgrade:

Increased magazine capacity: 25%
Increased accuracy: 50%
Increased damage: 75%

Alternate costumes:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding alternate costume:

Amanda - Finish Ghana Time Trial
Amanda, Winter - Finish Kazakhstan Time Trial
Biker costume - Finish England-King Arthur's Tomb?
Biker, no jacket costume - Find all Silver & Gold rewards in England
Biker, Red Jacket costume - Find all silver rewards in England
Catsuit costume - Find all gold rewards in Japan
Classic costume - Find all gold rewards in Peru
Classic, Gray costume - Find all gold rewards in Ghana
Evening, Red costume - Find all silver rewards in Japan
Evening, Ripped costume - Finish Japan-Meeting with Takamoto
Goth costume - Finish England Time Trial
Goth, Lace Shirt costume - Finish Japan Time Trial
Legend, Black costume - Find all silver rewards in Croft Manor
Legend, Blue costume - Find all silver rewards in Peru
Legend, Pink costume - Find all silver rewards in Ghana
Legend, Union Jack costume - Find all silver rewards in Bolivia
Snowsuit Costume - Find all gold rewards in Nepal
Special Forces costume - Find all gold rewards in Kazakhstan
Special Forces, Urban costume - Find all gold rewards in England
Sport costume - Find all gold rewards in Bolivia
Sport, Green costume - Finish Bolivia Time Trial
Suit costume - Find all gold rewards in Croft Manor
Suit, Cream costume - Find all gold & silver rewards in Croft Manor
Swimsuit costume - Finish Game. finish all Time Trials
Swimsuit, Black costume - Find all rewards, finish game, beat all Time Trials
Winter costume - Finish Kazakhstan-Project Carbonek
Winter Orange, No Coat costume - Find all silver rewards in Kazakhstan
Winter, Orange costume - Find all silver rewards in Nepal
Winter, Pink costume - Finish Nepal Time Trial
Winter, Pink - No Coat costume Finish Peru Time Trial
Winter. No coat costume - Finish Kazakhstan-Project Carbonek

Unlockable Character profiles:
Collect the indicated number of Bronze Artifacts to unlock the character profiles:

Lara Croft - Collect 10%
Zip - Collect 20%
Anaya Imanu - Collect 30%
Shogo Takamoto - Collect 40%
Toru Nishimura - Collect 40%
James Rutland - Collect 50%
Amanda Evert - Collect 70%
Winston Smith - Collect 80%
Alister Fletcher - Collect 90%
Unknown Entity - Collect 100%

Ghana: Gold statue:
At the end of the level, when you stand on button that opens the timed door, do not enter that door. Instead, go to the under the door to find a golden statue.

Japan: Alternate costume:
When you reach a room which has a hanging dragon in it, you will find a large red box. Throw it to the floor to break it. You will get a gold statue that gives you a new costume.

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