Test Drive: Eve of Destruction Xbox Cheats

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Collect the indicated ammount of reputation points in career mode:
Unlock Hearse: Reach 500 Points.
Unlock Hastings: Reach 2,500 Points.
Unlock Bulldog: Reach 5,000 Points.
Unlock Cannon: Reach 10,000 Points.
Unlock Dundas: Reach 15,000 Points.
Unlock Empire: Reach 20,000 Points.
Unlock Postal: Reach 25,000 Points.
Unlock Kenyon: Reach 30,000 Points.
Unlock Outlaw: Reach 35,000 Points.
Unlock Ambulence: Reach 40,000 Points.
Unlock Baxter: Reach 45,000 Points.
Unlock Orbital: Reach 50,000 Points.
Unlock Mankato: Reach 55,000 Points.
Unlock Taxi: Reach 60,000 Points.
Unlock Rocket: Reach 65,000 Points.
Unlock Welch: Reach 70,000 Points.

Old Tyme Racing:
Reach 100 kills in career mode

Turbo Boost:
Finish all of the dare mode challenges

AI Vengence:
Reach 1st, 2nd or 3rd ranked driver in career mode

Max out your hit meter 15 times in a career event

Chicken Fight:
Wreck your car within 55 seconds in action mode

Deadly Ambition:
Disable all cars in a point to point race

Fast Forward:
Win 1st place in figure-8 jump race without damage

Hardcore Mode:
Wrangle a car less than 9 seconds

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