Tak: The Great Juju Challenge Xbox Cheats

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Password - Effect:
6, 18, 3 - Bonus music
20, 17, 5 - Bonus sound effect
33, 22, 28 - Juju concept art
67, 8, 20 - More bonus music
50, 84, 92 - More bonus sound effects
48, 57, 57 - More particle effects
24, 40, 11 - Particle effects
11, 55, 44 - Vehicle concept art
83, 49, 34 - World concept art

Lok floats:
Once you have received the spell for summoning barrels with Tak, go to the first level after training. Make a clear path through the thorns with the rhino. Then, put Tak about two yards away from the end of the path and summon a barrel. Next, switch to Lok and have Tak wait. Get on the rhino with Lok and ram directly into Tak. If done correctly, Lok should be floating.

Make Tak's head big or small:
When the game is loading, press Right Analog-stick Up to make Tak's head big or Right Analog-stick Down to make it small.

When Tak is loading, use the right analog stick to make taks/loks head
smaller or bigger. Up=big and Down=small

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