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New girlfriend:
Beat 3 races in championship mode.

Bigger air:
Hold L as you go up the ramp.
Release L when the gauge is filled at the lip of the ramp.

Easy difficulty level:
Bar Hop: Push Down/Left + Y.
Cliff hanger: Push Up/Right + Y.
Heart Attack: Push Down + Y.
Nac Nac: Push Down/Right + Y.
No Hander: Push Up + Y.
Point Left: Push Left + Y.
Point Right: Push Right + Y.
Saran Wrap: Push Up/Left + Y.

Intermediate difficulty level:
Clicker: Push Right + B.
Cordova: Push Up + B.
Lazy Boy: Push Down/Right + B.
Rodeo: Push Up/Left + B.
Scissors: Push Down/Left + B.
Seat Grab: Push Left + B.
Superman: Push Down + B.
Vertical: Push Up/Right + B.

Advanced difficulty level:
Airwalk: Push Down/Right + B + Y.
Back Flip: Push Down + B + Y.
Can Can: Push Right + B + Y.
Handstand: Push Left + B + Y.
Pendulum: Push Up + B + Y.
Reverse Seat: Push Up/Left + B + Y.
Somersault: Push Up/Right + B + Y.
Surfer: Push Down/Left + B + Y.

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