Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Xbox Cheats

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Different Levels In Sean's Bonus Stage:
Hold down these buttons when you get to Sean's bonus stage:

Harder Level - DOWN+LP+MK+HP
Level 5 - UP+LK+MP+HK

Extra Costume Colors:
Hold start when you've highlighted the character, then press any of the three punches or kicks to get a hidden costume. You must have beaten the game with a character to use any of his/her hidden costumes. To use the secret costume and press LP, HP, and MK.

Extra Options:
Beat "Arcade Mode" with Gill.

Fight Q In Arcade Mode:
In order to fight Q you must not lose a single round up to the end of stage 8. If you do this successfully his picture will flash across the screen and the fight will begin.

System Direction Page 10:
Beat "Arcade Mode" with 15 different characters.

System Direction Page 8:
Beat "Arcade Mode" with 5 different characters.

System Direction Page 9:
Beat "Arcade Mode" with 10 different characters.

Unlock Gill:
Beat the game with all the characters.

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