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Unlock All VTs in Free Mission Mode:
On the title screen, use the tuner and point it at these numbers at one second intervals between your choices:
Entered correctly, the game will sound off. The tuner should be looked at as a 12-hour clockface with 0 in the 9 o'clock position, the 4 in the 12 o'clock position, and the 8 in the 3 o'clock position.

Unlock Black And White Graphics:
Give Tekki an old fashioned look by finishing Mission 23 on Veteran or higher difficulty. Press START + NIGHTSCOPE while the mission is loading to enable switching between colour and black and white.

Unlock Full Screen Mode:
Earn 550000 Command Points to unlock Full Screen Mode. Press IGNITION + START while playing.

Unlock Infinite Fuel And Ammo:
Accrue 100 hours of play time and complete the 2080 Campaign once more. During the loading screen, press START + MAGAZINE CHANGE to unlock infinite fuel and ammo (bye-bye Wagonmaster!).

Unlock The Juggernaut VT:
Earn 800000 Command Points and the Juggernaut will be available (Colonel rank). The Juggernaut is the same as the Quasar in most respects, but has a larger weight limit.

Unlock The Rapier VT:
Earn 10 medals and the Rapier Light VT will be available.

Unlock VT Jumping:
Finish Mission 23 on Magnum Force or higher difficulty. Press START + F3 while playing to make your VT jump (without using hydraulics). Done repeatedly, this jump can allow your VT to ascend to great heights.

Pause Trick:
To pause the game, disconnect the controller from the port. When you gotta go, you gotta go, even if you are piloting a tank with legs.

Unlock Desperado Mode:
Clear Mission 23 on Veteran difficulity to unlock Desperado Mode.

Unlock No Fall Mode:
Beat the game in "Desperado Mode". During gameplay, press the HATCH and START buttons and your VT will never fall down.

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