Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Wars Xbox Cheats

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First person camera:
Push Y, Left, A, Y buttons

Disciple join you:
Choose a Female character at the start, and meet with Disciple on Dantooine

Handmaiden join you:
Choose a male character at the start, and he will join when you leave
the Telos Jedi academy.

Hanharr join you:
Align yourself with the Dark Side before the fight between Hanharr and Mira.

HK-47 join you:
Collect the four different HK parts that are scattered across the worlds and
fix the broken HK droid near the bridge.

Mira join you:
Align yourself either with the Light side or Neutral, before the fight
between Hanharr and Mira

Modify pitch and speed of the voice dialogue:
During the game play hold Black or White buttons on your controller-4
to change the voice.

New dialogue choices:
Complete the game twice. Align yourself with the Dark Side once and
with the Light side also. When you begin the game 3rd time new dialogue
choices appear while playing the game.

Change menu:
Compelte the game once and you will see your character at the main menu.

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