SSX Tricky Xbox Cheats

Get XBox file descriptions from File extension DB. This database contains hundreds of file descriptions. Learn how to open BIN file and how to open XLSX file and how to open AI file.

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Get Untracked Course:
Get all medals on all race courses

Get Pipedream Course:
Get a medal on all Showoff courses

Get Different Outfits:
Finish all chapters in the trick book. Finish world circuit with a master rank

Get Uberboards:
Finish all tricks for a character

Character List:
The original chars are:
1. Eddie
2. Elise
3. Moby
4. Mac

Unlockables are:
1. JP
2. Psymon
3. Brodi
4. Luther
5. Seeiah
6. Zoe
7. Luther
8. Kaori
9. Marisol
10. Marty

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