SSX 3 Xbox Cheats

Get XBox file descriptions from File extension DB. This database contains hundreds of file descriptions. Learn how to open BIN file and how to open XLSX file and how to open AI file.

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Cheat List:
shoppingspree - All Peak 1 Clothes
graphicdelight - All Boards
naturalconcept - All Artwork
biggerthank7 - All Peaks
myeyesaredim - All Videos
nogluerequired - All Toys
djsuperstar - All Song Tracks
gotitgotitneedit - All Trading Cards
postnobills - All Posters

Cheat: Even More Hidden Characters:
greatwhitenorth - Canhuck
tankengine - Churchill
milkemdaisy - Cudmore
boneyardreject - Gutless
callhimgeorge - North West Legend
betyouveneverseen - Snowballs
windmilldunk - Stretch
finallymadeitin - Unknown Rider

More Hidden Character Codes:
wheresyourtail - Bunny San
slicksuit - Hiro
brokenleg - Jurgen
back2future - Marty
notsosvelte - Svelte Luther

Unlock Brodi:
Go to "Enter Cheats" in the options menu and enter "zenmaster".

Unlock Eddie:
Enter "worm" as a cheat code.

Unlock Luther:
Enter "bronco" as a cheat code.

Unlock NW Legend:
Complete all peak 3 goals.

Unlock Unknown Snowboarder:
Complete all peak 3 race goals.

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