SSX 3 Xbox Cheats

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Cheat List:
shoppingspree - All Peak 1 Clothes
graphicdelight - All Boards
naturalconcept - All Artwork
biggerthank7 - All Peaks
myeyesaredim - All Videos
nogluerequired - All Toys
djsuperstar - All Song Tracks
gotitgotitneedit - All Trading Cards
postnobills - All Posters

Cheat: Even More Hidden Characters:
greatwhitenorth - Canhuck
tankengine - Churchill
milkemdaisy - Cudmore
boneyardreject - Gutless
callhimgeorge - North West Legend
betyouveneverseen - Snowballs
windmilldunk - Stretch
finallymadeitin - Unknown Rider

More Hidden Character Codes:
wheresyourtail - Bunny San
slicksuit - Hiro
brokenleg - Jurgen
back2future - Marty
notsosvelte - Svelte Luther

Unlock Brodi:
Go to "Enter Cheats" in the options menu and enter "zenmaster".

Unlock Eddie:
Enter "worm" as a cheat code.

Unlock Luther:
Enter "bronco" as a cheat code.

Unlock NW Legend:
Complete all peak 3 goals.

Unlock Unknown Snowboarder:
Complete all peak 3 race goals.

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