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Acquire Random Rider:
At the character select screen, hold down and release the R button.

Unlockable Characters:

Unlock Cream - Win Hero Story
Unlock Eggman - Win Babylon Story
Unlock Rouge - Win Hero Story
Unlock Shadow - Win Hero Story

Unlock Sega Carnival track:
Beat the Heroes Cup with a Gold Emblem

Unlock Sega Illusion track:
Beat the Babylon Cup with a Gold Emblem

Unlock Random character:
Press R at the character selection screen

Extra missions:
Finish the Hero storyline to unlock Storm's missions.

Finish Red Canyon or Night Chase in the Babylon story line to unlock
Wave's missions.

Finish Wave's and Storm's missions (including Sega Carnival and
Sega Illusion tracks) to unlock Jet's missions.

Extra music:
Finish the following tasks to unlock extra music in the "Audio Room" menu.

Catch Me If You Can: Finish the Babylon storyline.
Theme of Babylon Garden: Finish Hero storyline.
Theme of Digital Dimension: Finish Babylon storyline.
Theme of Sega Carnival: Unlock the Sega Carnival track.

Unlock Chaos emerald gear:
Get gold on every mission in mission mode.

Unlock Super sonic:
Use chaos emerald gear on sonic

Bonus cars:
Finish the Hero storyline - Unlock Shadow's Darkness jet shoes, Rouge's
Temptation board, and Cream's Smile board.
Finish the Babylon storyline - Unlock Sonic's Blue Star II board, Eggman's Egg-
Rider scooter, and the Magic Carpet.

Unlock AiAi: Beat all Jet, Wave and Storm missions
Unlock Nights: Beat all Jet, Wave and Storm missions
Unlock Ulala: Beat all Jet, Wave and Storm missions

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