Sonic Mega Collection Plus Xbox Cheats

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Unlock The Ooze and Comix Zone games:
Have a Sonic Heroes completed game save file on your Xbox hard drive. When you start the Sonic Mega Collection Plus game up, you will have Comix Zone and The Ooze unlocked from the start!!

Unlock Knuckles in Sonic 2:
Play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Spinball 20 times each.

Level Select:
From the main screen, select Options. Select Sound Select and play sounds 19, 65, 9, 17, then push C. Press Start to return to the main screen, and when Sonic and Tails appear, hold A and press Start.

Get Flicky:
Play Mean Bean Machine at least 30 times to unlock Flicky. You can just enter the game and exit as soon as it loads up. After the 30th time, exit to the title screen and enter the games menu again.

Comix Zone Hidden moves:
Shoulder Ram: Press Away, Towards + Action.
Thrusting Kick: press Down, Up + Action.

Comix Zone Sega comment:
Pause game play and wait until Sketch says "Sega".

Ristar Level select:
Enter ILOVEU as a password.

Ristar Invincibility:
Enter CANDY as a password.

Ristar Configuration mode:
Enter MAGURO as a password.

Ristar Time attack mode:
Enter DOFEEL as a password.

Ristar Boss mode:
Enter MUSEUM as a password.

Ristar Expert mode:
Enter SUPER or SUPERB as a password.

Ristar Reveal items:
Enter MIEMIE as a password. A silver star will appear during the game in locations where you can collect a bonus life, gold star, or treasure.

Ristar View credits:
Enter AGES as a password.

Ristar Disable all codes:
Enter XXXXXX as a password.

Sonic 3D Blast Level select:
Press X, A, Right, A, B, Up, Down, A, Start when the phrase "Press Start" appears on the opening screen. The level selection screen will be displayed when game play begins.

Sonic 3D Blast Level skip:
Enable the "Level select" code. Pause game play and press A to jump to the next level.

Sonic 3D Blast Knuckles in Rusty Ruins Act 1:
At the last rotating pair of spiked balls, just before the "X", are two small pillars with a wall that you can Spin Dash through. Once through, return to a thing that sets you spinning, then go to Knuckles to break through the pillars beside him.

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