Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Xbox Cheats

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Extra options:
Go to the options screen, then press L + R. The extra options menu
will appear. You can change the color of blood, map zoom, etc.

Completion bonuses:
Finish the game once, after begin a new game. Go to the
extra options menu to access the unlocked new options.

"Bullet Adjust" option will be double or triple the
ammount of ammunition at every location.

"Noise Effect" option can be turn on-off.

Reveal signs:
Complete all 5 endings, after begin a new game.
All signs will be revealed.

Location: White Chrism
Finish the game. Begin a new game. Go to Blue Creek Apartments in
to Room 105. You will find White Chrism in the kitchen.

Location: Obsidian Goblet
Finish the game. Begin a new game. Go to Historical Society building.
You will find the Obsidian Goblet on a shelf.

Location: Book Of Lost Memories
Finish the game. Begin a new game. Go to the Texxon Gas Station.
Enter the newspaper stand to find the Book Of Lost Memories.

Location: Chain saw
Finish the game on the normal difficulty and normal puzzle mode.
Begin a new game. You will find a chain saw among
logs before the cemetery.

Location: Dog Key
Finish the game with the "Rebirth" ending. Begin a new game.
The dog house will´┐Ż appear near Jack's Inn on the map.
Go into the dog house and pick up the Dog Key.

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