Shattered Union Xbox Cheats

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Take control of individual territories:
Start a campaign and hit start, then go to cheats.
Great Plains BXXBB
Great Lakes BXXBA
Dakotas BXXBX
Central Heartland BXXBY
Northern Texas BXXAA
Southern Texas BXXAB
Arizona Territory BXXAX
Oklahoma Grasslands BXXAY
New Mexico BXXYB
Great Basin BXXYA
Northern California BXXYX
Southern California BXXYY
Arcadia Plains BXXXA
Northern Cascades BXXXB
Southeastern Cascades BXXXX
Central Cascades BXXXY
Northern New England BXYYA
Eastern Shenandoah BXYYB
Ohio Valley BXYYX
New York BXYYY
Carolinas BXYXA
Florida BXYXB
Mississippi Delta BXYXX
Cumberlands BXYXY

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