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Avoid slowing down:
When racing, avoid the green slime as it slows you down. Always use the walkways when available.

Extra Skins:
Unlock new skins by completing the cups in single player mode.

Master Mode:
Beat All 4 Modes on the Pro Cup setting to unlock Master Mode. In Master mode you play against Dark Rayman in harder versions of the 4 modes.

Race: Beat Dark Rayman in 1 lap Races (All 12)
Time Attack: Get to the checkpoint 3 secs before Dark Rayman to Eliminate him. (All 12 races)
All out fight: Beat Dark Rayman in a 1 min battle at all levels.
Freeze Tag: Get more lums than Rayman in 1 min. At all levels, also the game is Cel Shaded in this mode.

New Special Levels:
Complete the Beginner and Pro levels in all single player game modes to unlock new special levels in exhibition mode.

Play As Dark Globox:
Win the first cup in Obstacle Course.

Play As Henchman 1000:
Win the first circuit in Total Fight.

Play As Mrs. Razorbeard:
Win the first circuit in Freeze Combat.

Play As Tily:
Win the first circuit in Time Attack.

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