Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Xbox Cheats

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Video Gallery:
Video Gallery Successfully complete the game.

Sand Gate Rewards:
Deactivate the indicated number of Sand Gates to earn the reward.
150 Sand Credits Deactivate Five Sand Gates.
Fifth Sand Tank Deactivate Four Sand Gates.
Eye of the Storm Power Deactivate Three Sand Gates.
100 Sand Credits Deactivate Two Sand Gates.
Fourth Sand Tank Deactivate One Sand Gate.
Winds of Sand Attack Deactivate Six Sand Gates.
Sixth Sand Tank Deactivate Seven Sand Gates.
200 Sand Credits Deactivate Eight Sand Gates.
Sand Storm Attack Deactivate Nine Sand Gates.

Wierd voice:
When you turn into the Dark Prince, before the first chariot chase scene, climb all the way up the closest pole near the northern enemy spawn. A wierd voice will list what seems like staff credits.

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