Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Xbox Cheats

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Alternate endings with Quarma:
The ending is always change, depending how much Quarma you have.

Angelic Quarma Ending:
Finish the game with the Quarma meter more than 75%

Neutral Quarma Ending:
Finish the game with the Quarma meter filled between 50% and 75%

Bad Quarma Ending (Fuzzles killing you):
Finish Level 23 with the Quarma meter less than 50%

Abe run faster:
When somebody chase Abe, repeatedly push the A button.

Munch jump higher:
After you jumped out of the water, immediately push the A button
when you see Munch's headport.

Destroy bombs in spuce shrub forest:
Get a mukudon and throw it on the bomb and you can pass
threw it easily. Your mukudon will remain.

Inhabints sign:
When you posses the Glukkon "Splinterz" on the "Splinterz Manufacturs"
stage, look at the desk to see an Inhabints sign.

Accross on a water as Abe:
Control Abe and jump repeatedly. You may lose life. Quickly push the
A button to avoid going in the water.

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