NFL Street 2 Xbox Cheats

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Cheat: No Fumbles Mode:
Enter GlueHands in the cheat menu.

Cheat: No First Downs:
For no first downs enter "NoChains" in the cheat menu.

Cheat: Max Catching:
Enter MagnetHands in the cheat menu and players will have the highest possible catching statistic.

Cheat: Other Team Fumbles:
Enter GreasedPig in the cheat menu in NFL Street 2 and the other team will fumble constantly.

Cheat: Unlimited Turbo:
Enter NozBoost in the cheat menu in NFL Street for a never ending supply of turbo.

Cheat: Gridiron Park:
Enter GRIDIRONPRK in the cheat menu to unlock Gridiron Park.

Unlockable Teams:
Enter these codes at the cheat menu to unlock the corresponding team. Note that the entries are case sensitive!

NFC West All Stars - ENASFSCT
NFC South All Stars - SNOFUCTH
NFC North All Stars - NNAS66784
NFC East All Stars - NNOFRCTH
AFC West All Stars - WAEFSCT
AFC South All Stars - SAOFUCTH
AFC East All Stars - EAASFSCT
AFC North All Stars - NAOFRCTH
Reebok Team - Reebok

Unlockable: Team Xzibit Mode:
Beat the five tutorials to unlock Team Xzibit Mode

Unlockable: EA Field:
Enter EAField in the cheat menu.

Cheat: Giant Player Mode:
Enter BIGSmash in the cheats menu and all players will be enlarged during gameplay

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