NBA 2K6 Xbox Cheats

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+10 defensive awareness:
Enter lockdown as a code.

+10 offensive awareness:
Enter getaclue as a code.

2k sports team:
Enter 2KSPORTS as a code.

Air Zoom kobe 1 shoes:
Enter KOBE as a code.

All crib bonuses:
Enter criball as a code. All Crib bonuses including the A-T teams and Draft class will be unlocked.

Celebrity players unlocked in 24/7 mode:
Enter ballers as a code.

Extra stamina:
Go to the vending machine and press A. Select a Power Bar to get +5 Stamina during the next game.

Lebron James summer shoes:
Enter lebronsummerkicks as a code.

NBA 2K6 team:
Enter NBA2K6 as a code.

New Indiana Pacers jerseys:
Enter 31andonly as a code.

No quick game fatigue:
Enter nrgmax as a code.

No quick game injuries:
Enter noinjury as a code.

Power bar tattoo in the Create Player mode:
Enter pbink as a code.

Recommended team:
These are all celebrities:

C: Joe Budden
SF: Flava Flav
PF: Aceyalone
PG: Methodman
SG: Redman

Uptempo Nike shoes:
Enter anklebreakers as a code.

Visual concepts team:
Enter vcteam as a code.

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