MVP 06 NCAA Baseball Xbox Cheats

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Unlocks all Level 1 Challenge Items:
Go to create-a-player and type: Peter Trenouth

Unlocks all Level 2 Challenge Items:
Go to create-a-player and type: Trey Smith

Select opponent's pitcher in Dynasty Mode:
In Dynasty mode, during the pitcher select screen before a game, move to the opponent's pitcher list. Scroll and highlight any pitcher you want to face, and move back over to your list. The desired opposing pitcher will still be highlighted in yellow, and will start the game. You can easily pick fatigued, bad, or left/right handed pitchers this way.

All Challenge Items:
Enter "Dee Jay Randall" as a created players name in Dynasty mode and you will unlock all challenge Items.

Unlock 1000000 pts:
Create player in Dynasty mode then enter "Money Banker" as name to receive
1000000 pts.� If the entered name is accepted, you should hear a sound.

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