Mission Impossible: Operation Surma Xbox Cheats

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Selecting stages:
Select "Profiles" option. Highlight "Jasmine Curry" tab then
hold L + R + Y + B buttons on your Xbox controller. You will be
throwed back to the main menu, and you should see the unlocked
"Levels" option. Now you can access to all missions.
Note: You can't save the game, when you use this cheat.

Unlock movie sequences:
Type "SEECOOLMOVIE" as code at "Load Game".

Kill Algo faster:
Aim for the muzzle, as soon when he start fires, move up slightly and fire.

Kill guards easily:
1.) Go behind a guard silently by pressing L
2.) After grab him.
3.) Pressing X to kill him
4.) You can move him to a handscanner also, just press Triangle to scan his hand
to open the door.
5.) After you kill someone, go near him and press R2 button to hide him in the

Press R, Black, L, Y, B, A

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