Mech Assault 2: Lone Wolf Xbox Cheats

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Quick Reference Tables:
Unit Speeds (Lowest to Highest)

�. Pilot
1. Battlesuit, Elemental
2. Atlas, Prometheus, Catapult, Bowman, Ragnarok, Ymir, Tank
3. Blood Asp, Star Adder
4. Nova Cat, Wendigo, Thor, Summoner
5. Mad Dog, Vulture, Timberwolf, Mad Cat, Hellbringer, Loki
6. Uziel, Belial
7. Raptor, Stiletto, Raven, Corvus, Kit Fox, Uller, Cougar, Puma
8. Owens, Hackman
10. POV Missile (accelerated)

Run in Space:
In the pre-game lobby of any game you are in bases and you can run around in your own base. If that's not enough for you then try this: hit "A" to bring up the game details. Make sure the camera is directly behind you and start running towards the window. Now hit "B" to cancel the window just before you run into the rail and lose your momentum. It's tricky, but if you timed it right, you can run through the rail and window and into space. If you get stuck in the rail just keep running toward space and turn left and right until you go through the wall. It doesn't help you win but it is a lot of fun!

Quick Neurohack Defence (Team Matches):
During team matches, mechs with reactive and reflective armor should hoard those abilities to throw off enemy battlearmor attempting to neurohack.

Unlockable: Nemesis
Beat the single player campaign to unlock Nemesis as an available character model.

Where Natalia has just been captured, you have to get Foster over the lakes and stuff. He says to get into the Uziel because of its jumpjets. He says it's an "advantage" but don't bother. Keep the 'mech you start in and walk through the water.

It's not deep enough to sustain damage from and the first 'mech is more powerful than the Uziel.

Just don't get too close to the VTOL or you'll blow it up and have to restart.

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