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Unlock Zion Archive in Level Select:
In the Atman Principles choose the selectable glyph in the 8 o'clock position.
Doing this once permanently unlocks the Zion Archive but will still appear to be available.
Zion Archives Choose the glyph in the 8 o'clock position in the Atman Principles

Unlock Parts 1 and 2 of the Making of...:
Storyboard Sequence 2 In 'The Frenchman' Level, Kill The First Few Enemies Then In The Dungeon Area Go To the red cross Then Go Right & Pick Up The Briefcase, Then Finish
Storyboard Sequence 1 In The Level 'Red Pill' Select Mission 'The Key' and then complete the bonus objective in the second room, simply don't use any guns

Special Combos and their locations:
Combo descriptions:
The Codebreaker: L+B, tap Y, B, tap Y
Quick Kicks: Y x4, L + Y, B + Y
Machine Gun Kick: Y x5, L + Y, B + Y, tap Y
Ultimate Hyper Strike: Y x4, L + Y, B + Y, L + B, Y
The Beginning of the end: Y x4, L + Y, B + Y, L + B, tap Y
The One: Y x5, L + Y, B + Y, tap Y, L + B, tap Y, B, tap Y, press A as neo dose the uppercut, spin Left Analog Stick 360 at peak of jump

The Codebreaker Stage- Weapon training (Find the briefacse among the operator's secret stash in the upstairs corridor, when returning to teahouse. clear the stage)
Quick kicks Stage- Storming the Drain (In the second to last room, touch the top two platforms in the room and clear the stage)
Machine Gun Kick Stage- The Chase "I need an Exit" (Find the breifcase in the corner of the market area behind the fruit stands. clear the stage)
Ultimate Hyper Strike Stage- Redpill rescue: The Security Guard (Defeat the SWAT team on the stairs in the given time limit and clear the stage)
The Beginning of the End Stage- Seraph's Apology (After returning to the teahouse from the theater, destroy one of the tables and all eight support columns in the room.
The One The Burly Brawl (Defeat 30 Smiths, (A briefcase appears in the center of the level. Pick it up and clear the stage.)

Bonuses upon Completion:
Ubreakable Melee Combat Weapons Successful completion of, Easy difficulty
Infinite Ammo Successful completion of, Normal Difficulty
God Mod Successful completeion of, The One Difficulty
Consume/Drain Mode Successful completion of, Normal difficulty
Bullet Refrection Successful completion of, The One difficulty

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