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Brawl Game mini-game:
Successfully complete levels 6 through 10 five a three star or greater rank.

Cheats - Effect:
R Trigger, White, L Trigger, Black, Down, Up, Left, Up - Fully Equipped (Weapons)
Down, Down, B, Up, X, Y, X, White, Up, Up, L, Y - GOD MODE!
X, X, X, Down, X, Down, B, Up - Invisibility
X, X, White, Down, Y, X, B, Down - Monkey Skin
Up, Down, Left, Left, R Trigger, White, L Trigger, L Trigger - Piggy Skin
Left, R Trigger, R Trigger, Y, R Trigger, R Trigger, X, L Trigger - Rabbit Skin
White, Right, B, White, Black, Down, B, Left - Regenerate (Health refills over time)
White, White, L Trigger, White, Left, Right, Left, Right - Runner (Infinite run meter)
L Trigger, Y, Y, Y, B, B, B, R Trigger - Super Punch (Killer Punches)
R Trigger, L Trigger, White, L Trigger, Right, Left, Left, Left - Silence (Enemies
can't hear you.)
R Trigger, R Trigger, Y, B, X, Black, L Trigger, Down - Hellium Hunters (Enemies
have high pitch voices)

Easy five star rating in hardcore mode:
Successfully complete the game in Fetish mode. Then, enable the God Mode cheat and play the game in hardcore
mode. You will be invincible. Execute everyone. If you are seen, run into the shadows, execute him, then run through the level.

Grounds For Assault level: Sawed-off shotgun:
There is a shotgun in the padlocked closet. After you get the crowbar, go back to where you killed the third Wardog
in the level (by door with the rope that you have to cut with the machete). Use the crowbar on that padlock to get a sawed-off shotgun that you can use throughout the level.

Hard as Nails mini-game:
Successfully complete levels 1 through 5 five a three star or greater rank.

Monkey See, Monkey Die! mini-game:
Successfully complete levels 11 through 15 five a three star or greater rank.

Opening gates:

When on a level that requires a crowbar to open a gate, just shoot the lock with a gun. You can now walk through the gate.

Time 2 Die mini-game:
Successfully complete levels 16 through 20 five a three star or greater rank.

Various Codes:
Enter these cheats at the title screen. You must earn a five-star rating (Hardcore Mode Only) in each pair of consecutive scenes.

Effect - Code:
Bin Bag - Black, Down, B, Left
Camheads - X, Black, L, Down
Cerberus Variant Designs - R, R, X, L
Clown Head Variations - Left, Right, Left, Right
Early Innocent Hoodie Designs - B, B, B, R
Headshots - Up, Down, Right, Right
Headshots 2 - R, White, L, L
Level Art - X, X, White, Down
Piggsy - Y, X, B, Down
Piggy & Cash Toy Mock-Ups - X, X, X, Down
Scarecrow - R, L, White, L
Scarecrow Halloween Head Variation - Right, Left, Left, Left
Smileys - Left, R, R, Y
Starkweather - X, Down, B, Up
The Clowns - White, White, L, White
The Jury - R, R, Y, B
The Lost - White, Right, B, White
Tramp - L, Y, Y, Y
Wardogs - R, White, L, Black
Wardogs Zoo Sniper - Down, Up, Left, Up

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