Madden NFL 07 Xbox Cheats

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Hint - Achievement Ease:
Unverified. To achieve achievements do the following:

Select every single team in Franchise mode and just simply sim everything. Throughout the entire season anyone who breaks "GAME" and "SEASON" record achievements will count for you they get unlocked.

Also, if you sim seasons your overall madden level will go up anywhere to 2 - 3 levels a season. Once the Superbowl and Pro Bowl are done just exit and go to "Play Now" Select no for save and then restart. You can easily get to Madden level 40 in about two hours and unlock almost every achievement. This also works for your SuperStar character.

Hint - Free Training Points (Defensive Players):
You can automatically get max 7 training points before each game in franchise mode, on an Xbox 360. It seems to only work for defensive players and I'm not sure why.

Pick 3 defensive players to train and choose Bench Press ALL-MADDEN for all 3 regardless of position and ability. As soon as you see the first guy on the bench, push START and choose QUIT. The game will ask you are you sure, you'll lose progress so say YES.

When the game exits to the next screen, all 3 guys will have 7 free points to add. It may be patched down the road, so use it or lose it!

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