LMA Manager 2006 Xbox Cheats

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Cheats list for Version 31876:
Full pace for players - 0TXYU7TKLNHCB
Full stats for players - FPPWMPFTPG2CC
Sign on anybody - 39YN5T4VLH5P8
Players recover in one day - JRFTREXF39RDF
500 million credits - VCXEKE7AATQ50
Scouting staff stats are maxxed - YUMKQB992YTV4
Club may use best training facility - 8LFPNQK57VB46
Youth players all have full potential - MTYXT99WA6DXA
Always snows at matches - KR7FGQMPYN1WF
Always rains at matches - AVQ9P3X4JKPT3
Moon ball - 2XPYPL5FWKH9B
Transfer shutdown - 4FHPMBNLHWF2B
Job for life - NKYG45QCBKT39

Cheats list for Version 52452:
One day stadium build - R82CQYGDPQKV0
No more money worries - 4EICEWPN0H8AC
Do you want to be in my gang - V5EJ5HMH40KH0
Healing hands - GFBYT5TL6GJB4
Defying time - 1YHEQW7FVQ9UA

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