Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup Xbox Cheats

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Play in World Cup:
Beat all 3 other teams with one team.

Play in Queerditch Marsh:
Win 1st place in the Quidditch World Cup with any country.
You can play multi-player or against the CPU.

Get more Quidditch Cards:
Play the Challenges and beat the Team Record.
Win matches, each with a different team, in the Hogwarts or World Cup.

Bulgarian team: Collect 65 Quidditch Cards.
Nimbus 2000 broomstick: Collect 20 Quidditch Cards.
Nimbus 2001 broomstick: Collect any 35 Quidditch Cards.
D'orazio Dive skill: Collect 25 Quidditch Cards.
Firebolt skill: Collect 50 Quidditch Cards.
Edgar Cloggs: Collect all Quidditch Cards.

Recommended team:
The best team to pick for Hogwarts is the Ravenclaw team.
The Ravenclaw team has a Team Special Move that allows to get 30 points.

Faster Snitch Catch:
When the snitch is in play wait for a few second until you have full control
over your seeker. Then press the boost button. If done right it will take you
right to the snitch. How fast you catch it is affected by how much boost you
have when you start. Submitted by Hondo

Get Bludgers quickly:
Hold L + R while pressing A to make combo passes.

Broomstick levels:
Nimbus 2001: Intermediate
Nimbus 2000: Novice
Firebolt: Expert
Comet 260: Beginner

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