Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Xbox Cheats

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Cheat: God mode, Extra logo's and Slow Time
Towards the end of the game if you max out your character stats you'll receive an option on your character experience menu where you can improve your character. It says to push the WHITE button to go to bonuses. From there you can select god mode (arcade mode only), slow motion (arcade only), or extra logo's.

Unlockable: Pro Players
To select any pro player in single player mode, go to my character, and hold the left analogue stick, to the left while tapping Y. This will change your character to a pro of your choice.

Unlockable: Bronze Equipment
To get bronze equipment you must get first place in the first three pro tournaments and you will get a bronze mask, gun and much more!

Glitch: Skip Hard Tournaments
If there in a hard tournament that you can't beat play any easy tournament in Arcade Mode and play all the matches till you get to the final match. Stop playing and go back to the screen where you can select tournaments. If you go to the tournament your on select it and you'll be on the final match but you won't get as much experience points as playing the whole tournament at the end for your character.

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