Grabbed by the Ghoulies Xbox Cheats

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Unlock Concept art:
Earn a Platinum Medal in the following challenges to get
access to concept arts:
Challenge #1
Challenge #3
Challenge #5
Challenge #7

Secret movies - Promo and Deleted Scene FMV sequences:
Finish Challenge #21 to unlock the secret movie options in the
replay storybook.

Staff credits:
Finish the game once to watch the staff credits at the "Features" menu.

Bonus health:
Enable the "Butler's Brew" option in the options menu.
If you can't complete any room, you will be given a restarting
optionfor that room if you want Coffee and Waffles.
Hit A button to choose "Yes" and you will get double health.

Unlock mini-games:
If you find 5 Rare books, that will unlock one bonus game
at the mini-game screen. To unlock all 20 mini games,
you have to collect all 100 rare books.

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