Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde Xbox Cheats

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Cheat mode:
Hold R + L + Y + Down for 3 seconds to enable cheat mode.
Now you can enter the following cheats:

God mode:
Press R(3 times), L(3 times), R, L, Y, R.

Win level:
Press R(2 times), L(3 times), R(2 times), Y(3 times).

Fog of war:
Press R, L, R(2 times), L(2 times), Y(2 times), L, R.

Decrease speed by 50%:
Press L(5 times), Y(4 times), R.

Increase speed by 200%:
Press R(5 times), L, Y, R(3 times).

+100 Gold:
Press L, R(4 times), L, Y, L(3 times).

+100 souls:
Press R, L(4 times), R, Y, R(3 times).

1000 Gold and Souls:
Press R(2 times), L, R(2 times), Y(3 times), L(2 times).

Unlock the "Bling" profile with all stages:
Press Y(3 times), L, R, L(2 times), R, L, R(2 times), L, R, L(2 times),
R, L, R, L(2 times), R, L(2 times), R, L, R(2 times), Y(3 times)

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