Fight Night Round 3 Xbox Cheats

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Unlock All Venues:
You can enter this in the create champ mode as the first name,then save.

All boxing boards will be unlocked - NEWVIEW

Unlockable Boxing styles from ESPN Classic mode:
Beating boxers in ESPN Classic mode will net you different boxing/defense styles for your effort.

Sinister Cross Style - Beat Roy Jones Jr. with Bernard Hopkins/James Toney
Bully Style - Beat Joe Frazier with Muhammed Ali
Hook Master Style - Beat Joe Frazier with Muhammed Ali
Slickster Style - Beat James Toney with Roy Jones Jr.
Philly Shell Defense - Beat Jermaine Taylor with Bernard Hopkins
Judge Jab Style - Beat Muhammed Ali with Joe Frazier

Unlockable Characters:
Rey Mo and Burger King Trainer - Light Heavyweight    Create a boxer with the last name YAXKUKMO and complete, or have previously completed the Burger King sponsored bout in career mode to unlock.

Unlock Ko Rey Mo:
To unlock hidden characters, beat them in career mode.

Ko Rey Mo - Beat him in career mode under the light heavy division

Madison Square Garden Venue:
Madison Square Garden Venue - Win a match at the Madison Square Garden Venue

Unlock the Staple's Center Venue:
Staple's Center Venue - Win At The Staple's Center in career mode

Unlock The Burger King to be your Trainer:
Beat the Burger King Event on Career Mode. Then next time you select a Trainer to....train with just keep going down past the ,000 trainer and he'll be selectable as a trainer. He also gives you Heart when you fight.

Fight Night Round 3 Achievements List:
Accomplish these tasks within the game to earn gamerpoints.

1. Burger King Achievement - 100 points    Win The BK Invitational Fight.
2. Dodge Achievement - 100 points    Win the Dodge sponsored fight.
3. EA SPORTS Achievement - 150 points    Win any EA SPORTS sponsored fight.
4. ESPN FNF Achievement - 150 points    Win any ESPN Friday Night Fight event.
5. ESPN PPV Achievement - 150 points    Win any ESPN Pay Per View fight event.
6. ESPN WNF Achievement - 150 points    Win any ESPN Wednesday Night Fight event.
7. Everlast Achievement - 100 points    Win the Everlast sponsored fight
8. Under Armour Achievement - 100 points    Win the Under Armour sponsored fight.

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