EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 Xbox Cheats

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Unlockable: Judge Jab:You must defeat Joe Frazier with Ali.

Unlockable: Lethal Uppercuts:You must defeat a classic fight with Roberto Duran.

Unlockable: Smooth Style:Beat Muhammed Ali in a challenge event to receive the Smooth basic style and the Judge Jab.

Unlockable: Madison Square Garden Venue:You must win a match at Madison Square Garden.

Unlockable: Ko Rey Mo:Go to the light heavy division, and defeat him in career mode.

Unlockable: Sinister Cross:You have to win a Classic fight with Roy Jones Jr.

Unlockable: Textbook:You have to win a Classic fight with De La Hoya.

Unlock ESPN Classic Fight:The fight of Big E VS Golaith can be unlocked by clearing the Underarmour Bout in career mode

Unlockable: ESPN Classic Fight:You must complete the Underarmor Bout in career mode. This unlocks the fight of Big E vs. Goliath.

Hint: Counters Are Key:When you counter a haymaker, you can hit with your own. Make sure you do the haymaker with your strong arm so you can get an easy KO

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