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Unaffiliated Movies:
These are the two "extra" opening movies (just like in the PS2 version). On the opening movie edit screen, hold L + R (or BLACK + WHITE) and play the opening sequence.

Unlock Opening Movie Edit:
On the meain menu, press X, BLACK, Y, WHITE, L, R, WHITE, WHITE.

Unlock Shu Generals:
Just like in the PS2 version, press WHITE, BLACK, X, Y, WHITE, R, L, BLACK on the main menu.

Alternate Costumes:
On the character select screen, press A or X to choose different costumes.

Assorted Cheat Codes:
On the main menu, press the following:
All Shu Generals - WHITE, BLACK, X, Y, WHITE, R, L, BLACK
All Generals - Hold L and R, then press WHITE, BLACK, Y, X, X, Y
BGM Test Option - L, WHITE, Y, R, WHITE, BLACK, X, Y
Opening Edit Option - X, BLACK, Y, WHITE, L, R, WHITE, WHITE

In-game Reset:
To reset the game at any time, press BACK+START during gameplay.

Unlock Very Hard Difficulty:
To unlock very hard, beat the last level of Musou on Hard.

Acquire Liu Bei:
To acquire Liu Bei, choose Musou Mode and finish this mode with any two Shu characters.

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