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During the Aquem stage, there is a waterfall near the outset. Walk through it, and you will discover yourself at the end of that part of the stage.

Input BEAMMEUP - All unlocked.
Input BIGDADDY - A cooler version of Dr. Muto
Input BLUEPILL - Dr. Muto Matrix.
Input BUZZOFF - Cool ending.
Input CHEATERBOY - No damage.
Input CHOPSUEY - Chinese Dr. Muto.
Input CYBERDOC - Labcoats.
Input DISTURBING - Goldilocks.
Input EUREKA - Morphs unlocked.
Input GOTHCHICK - Gothick.
Input GROOVYBABY - Jamaican Dr.
Input HOLLOWDOC - No Skin Dr.
Input HOTGREGMA - Beatle.
Input HOTTICKET - Get all FMVs.
Input LOGGLOGG - Get Secret morphs.
Input MINISCOT - Mad Dog shirt.
Input NECROSCI - Invulnerable.
Input QUEPASA - Dr. Muto Mariachi.
Input RELOAD - The Dr.
Input STIG - Small guy.
Input SWITCHOFF - Dr. Muto bot
Input TINKERTOY - Get all gadgets.

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