Combat Elite: WWII Xbox Cheats

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Cheat Mode:
Press [Start] to pause game play, then hold R and press one of the following cheats:

Code: Result:
Left, Up, Right, Down - All skills at maximum
Up(2), Down(2) - Extra skill points
Up, Left, B, Down - Full ammunition
Down(2), Up(2) - Full health
A, Y, Left(2), Right - Health limit increased
B, Y, A, X - Invulnerability for allies
B, A, X, Y. A - Invulnerability for player
Down, Up, B, Right - Kill all the enemies
Up, Down, Left, Right, A - Player has all Nazi weapons
Up, Down, Left, Right, Y - Player has all U.K. weapons
Up, Down, Left, Right, X - Player has all U.S. weapons
Left, Right, X, Y - Player has big gun
Down(4) - Rapid fire mode

Health packs (Sewers 3):
Store health packs in this level. You are going to need a lot of them. Note: Each only goes up to 7.

One shot kill:
Use the Shotgun to kill your enemies faster.

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