Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO Xbox Cheats

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Unlock Boss Challenge Mode:
Unlock and beat both hidden bosses to unlock Boss Challenge Mode. To access it, highlight Arcade Mode, press X + Y, then hit START.

Unlock Hidden Bosses
To unlock the hidden bosses, Ultimate Rugal (Capcom Groove) or Shin Akuma (SNK Groove), beat them during the course of the game. To bring about these boss appearances, complete two of the three criteria:

Get over 1500 GPS
Defeat Geese or Bison/Vega
Get one (or more) Finest KO.

Unlock Extra Options:
To unlock Extra Options, beat the Boss Challenge Mode without continuing.

Unlock Custom Grooves:
To unlock custom grooves, beat the Normal Bosses (Akuma or Regal). To make a Normal Boss appear, fulfill two of these four criteria:

Get over 1000 GPS
Get four or more special KOs
Get two or more LV3 super combo KOs
See Middle Boss

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