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Black Elite Racer: Achieve ELITE Rank
Criterion GT Racer: Finish the White Mountian Challenge.
Custom Classic: Finish the Sunshine Keys Challenge.
Dominator Assassin: There must be a Burnout 3 gamesave on your memeory card.
EA GT Racer: Finish the Central Route Challenge.
Etnies Racer: Finish the Motor City Challenge.
Euro Classic LM: Finish the Eternal City Challenge.
Hot Rod: Finish the Lone Peak Challenge.
Logitech World Racer: Finish the Rank 10 Ultimate Revenge GP.
Low Rider: Finish the Angel Valley Challenge.
Nixon Special: Finish the Eastren Bay Challenge.
Revenge Racer: Finish 100% of the game.

Game Score Points:

Celebrity - 65:
Acquire a Clip in the Top 20 Downloads.

The Unsafe - 15:
Acquire all Perfects in the Unsafe rank.

Crash Addict - 20:
Prevail in 40 crash events online.

Ashes - 35:
Complete Crash Intersections with Perfect ratings.

Offensive - 20:
Acquire all Perfects in the Offensive rank.

50 To Won - 25:
Prevail in 50 races online.

Dangerous - 30:
Acquire all Perfects in the Dangerous rank.

Grudge - 40:
Equalize the score over 100 times with the same rival.

Takedowns - 20:
Acquire 50 Takedowns online.

Finish Maniac - 45:
Acquire all Perfects in the Maniac rank.

Most Wanted - 55:
Pull ahead of all 5 rivals in an online lobby.

Anti Harmless - 10:
Acquire all Perfects in the Harmless Rank.

Dominator - 60:
Acquire all Perfects in the Dominator rank.

Can Opener - 15:
Acquire 5 in a row on one Revenge Rival.

Flawless Assassin - 55:
Acquire all Perfects in the Assassin rank.

Road Warrior - 25:
Acquire 1,000 Takedowns.

Run Burner - 20:
Prevail 30 times for the Blue Team in online Road Rage.

Rush Hour Revenge - 35:
Complete all Traffic Attacks with a Perfect ratings.

Server Surfer - 5:
Complete in a Burnout Revenge event online.

Metal - 10:
Equalize a score online.

Autographs - 35:
Complete all 24 Signature Takedowns.

Speeding Bullet - 25:
Complete all Burning Lap and Preview events with Perfect ratings.

Start Something - 5:
Takedown an enemy online.

Takedowns - 20:
Acquire 250 Takedowns.

Crushinator - 15:
Acquire 2 vertical takedowns in one race.

Terminator - 25:
Complete all Eliminator events with Perfect ratings.

Race Ace - 35:
Acquire Perfect in all race events.

Insane - 40:
Acquire all Perfects in the Insane rank.

Triple Trouble - 15:
Acquire Revenge 3 times in 1 event.

Elite - 70:
Acquire all perfects in Burnout Revenge.

Fearless - 25:
Acquire all Perfects in the Fearless rank.

Stacking - 15:
Defeat 5 rivals at once by blowing them up.

Rage - 35:
Complete all Road Rage events with Perfect ratings.

Wreck - 15:
Acquire all Perfects in the Reckless rank.

Opinion - 10:
Suggest a Burnout Clip.

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